What’s the pass mark for a module?

There are various different levels to a module – and this means you can either be fully satisfied with the results you get, or maybe you might wish to study for the next stage of a module. The modules that have their own entry grades are called ‘unitary’ modules – these are the normal modules that you are taking for your degree course. Unitary modules usually have a maximum mark of 90%, although in some cases you might be able to make a distinction between marks of 80% and 90%. Sometimes, a unitary module tfl seru mock test will have specific entry requirements (e.g. a subject is not available in the first year of a Bachelor of Business degree). In this case you will have to get your lecturer to approve the specialised module entry requirements, and you might even need to meet a higher standard to enter.

For example, an entry requirement for a module on Marketing would typically be the completion of a dissertation. There is no requirement for a module to have the entry grade of 90%, but you will need to have the minimum mark specified by the course regulations. The course regulations are the rules set down by the University about the expected standards and outcomes for students within a particular degree programme.

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