What Are Brand Guidelines and How to Create a Brand Style Guide

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Every brand owner wants to showcase the potential of his brand through its presence. He wants to convey a message, tell a story, and interact with the customers. Or connect the audience with it. And that is why they have to think about the whole presence of the brand like every little aspect from color schemes to logo, images, design, and voice. Everything has its significance, and every aspect of the presentation plays a pivotal role in the success of the brand. And brand style guide is the solution to this. But what is a brand style guide and how will it benefit our brands’ progress? So, let’s talk about that.

What are Branding Guidelines?

The branding guidelines or brand style guide is a set of principles or rules that decides what the brand will look like to the audience. It includes the colors of the brand like in the logo, the logo itself, the Design of the brand’s website, and everything that is related to the brand presence is discussed and should have been planned before the launch. But many big companies are still rebranding their whole brand. And creating a new and better presence than before. 

Why is a Brand style guide important for a business?

The colors of the brand, the theme, and the images create a positive impact on the brain of the audience. It connects the audience and the workers for the brand on the same page. Because the same color theme and the same logo on the products, branding and marketing campaigns help the audience to feel unique. And the employees want to know the reputation of the company. 

A brand style guide keeps your brand different from others. A unique logo, interactive web designs, and a powerful brand presentation make it distinct from the competitors of the business. 

Spreading brand awareness with the same style and giving the customers good services or products make them feel special. And they will become your loyal customers. And you can also contact an online branding company that will help you create the perfect brand style guide for the business.

How to Create a Brand Style Guide?

Creating a brand style guide is a process that decides the future of the business. 

Great Brand Story:

Every brand needs a story that evolves around the business. And this story could be the main vision of the brand. Or the mission you want to achieve. And if you don’t know about that then let me tell you that a brand story is what makes a brand more interactive. And the audience will feel a connection between your brand and themselves.

The brand story is the mission, vision, core values, and which are things that the company values the most. And then the whole branding and marketing revolves around the story. And your brand style guide should connect the audience with its engaging brand story. 

Recognizable logo:

A unique logo should be the top priority while creating the brand style guide. Because the audience figures out the quality and priorities of the brand with its logo. And that is why a professional and creative logo is very important for making the business better. But make sure that your logo designer creates a logo that is super easy to recognize and easier to remember. Because a logo is the main face of the brand. And it is present everywhere the brand is discussed. Like on the website, billboards, inventory, products, branding, and marketing videos. 

The choice of colors:

The color of the brand connects with the emotion of the viewer. And a brand style guides the choice of color uses by the basic nature or the theme of the business. The color of the brand affects the human brain directly. And if you choose the right colors for the brand style design then it will definitely engage the audience and make them feel good about the brand. Brands choose the colors according to the nature of their business. 


Typography or the text might go unnoticed. But if it does not choose correctly then it shows the lack of professionalism in the brand. And that is why I chose the right one. And like the logo typography also impacts the whole business image. Because if you choose fonts that do not mix with the logo or other elements. Then the text of the brand style guide will look bad to the eyes. 

Images and Illustrations:

The brand style guide consists of images and illustrations that present the strength of the brand. And the images on the website or pages show more authority. And the interactive elements make the brand more compelling. The images that show the company and employees or the environment create a stronger impact in the brain of the audience.

Some Examples:

These are some examples that will help you in understanding the concept more. 

Tentree is a clothing brand that has a complete brand style guide with the perfect selection of font, color, and illustration images. And their brand style guide also has appealing animation and mesmerizing photographs. And this brand will give you a lot of things to learn about the brand style guide. 

And its brand style guide has the perfect information about employees and customers. And this will also help you give your ideas for your brand. 


A brand style guide is a set of rules for the brand presentation. It consists of all the elements that are related to the presence of the brand. Like the logo, color, fonts, designs, animations, images, illustrations, etc.

You have to tell a strong brand story with a perfect-looking logo that should be easy to remember and recognize. And also, the color of the brand should be according to the nature of the business. Then choose the perfect typography to present the authority of the business. And then add some images and illustrations to make the visibility more appealing.

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