Top Inspirational and Leadership Speakers in India

Inspirational Speakers in India

India is home to some of the most inspiring and thought-provoking leadership speakers in the world. These speakers share their insights and experiences on a wide range of topics, from personal development to business strategy. Whether you are looking for motivation, inspiration, or practical advice, these names are counted among some of the best inspirational speakers in India. Motivate your teams, nurture innovation, build winning mindsets, and create a culture of excellence with a session with one of these top speakers.

Sonam Wangchuk: Innovator, Academician

A mechanical engineer by education, Sonam has worked in the field of education reform for over 3 decades and has been instrumental in changing the face of education in the mountains. His sessions throw a whole new perspective on innovation and entrepreneurship that embraces social change. In 1988, Sonam founded SECMOL (Students’ Educational and Cultural Movement of Ladakh) which has been instrumental in transforming the face of education in the trans-Himalayan region of Ladakh.

Popular Topics: Building an Innovation Mindset, Changing the Face of Indian Education

Shayamal Vallabhjee: Sports Scientist & EQ Consultant

One of the top inspirational speakers in India, Shayamal is a sports scientist and an EQ consultant, who has worked as a performance coach to various high-profile athletes, assisting them to enhance their competitive edge. His audience is all ears as he shares interesting anecdotes about various teams and the players, offering a sneak-peek into what makes these successful personalities the achievers they are. Drawing from his experience of more than a decade in the sports world, identifying and grooming winning traits in people, Shayamal has helped numerous organisations develop a culture of innovation and adaptability to keep their businesses agile in a competitive environment.

Popular Topics: Maximising Focus, Handling Pressure, Creating a Culture of Excellence

Satyabrata Dam: Life & Leadership Coach, Mental Trainer & Lifestyle Designer

Satya is often referred to as an “adventurer’s adventurer” and is widely recognized today as one of the most accomplished adventurers in the world. Combining his adventure career of over 40 years through some of the most hostile and remotest environs on earth along with his Armed Forces background, Satya delivers power packed presentations to inspire and motivate people around the world. A much sought-after corporate and motivational speaker, Satya engages the audience through compelling storytelling along with nail biting pictures to infuse skills of team building, decision making, leadership under adversity, strategy, innovation, etc.

Popular Topics: How to Dream and Take Actions, Exceeding Limitations, Believe in Your Passions and Face Your Fears

Dr. Kaustubh Radkar: Ironman and CEO & Founder of Radstrong

Kaustubh is one of India’s elite athletes. A former Indian swimming national champion, he is the poster boy of Ironman in India and the First Indian Ironman Certified Coach. He is the only Asian, and the fourth person in the world, who has finished an Ironman on all six continents. His inspiring story, laced with intellect and wit, holds audiences in rapt attention. Kaustubh is the CEO & Founder of RadStrong, a company that offers coaching for Triathlon, Running and Sport Fitness.

Popular Topics: Cultivating a Winning Mindset,Determination & Persistence

Deepa Malik, Paralympian, Khel Ratna & Padma Shri Awardee

Considered one of the best motivational speakers in India, Dr Deepa Malik is an award-winning Paralympian – first Indian female para-athlete to win a medal at the Asian Games, World Championships and Paralympics, and recipient of the Khel Ratna as well as Padma Shri. With her inspiring story, Deepa motivates her audience to take charge of their personal transformation and life journey.

Popular Topics: Ability Beyond Disability, Building Stronger Teams, Motivational Storytelling

Aparna Piramal Raje: Bestselling Author, Speaker & Educator On Leadership

Aparna Piramal Raje is one of India’s most original thinkers on leadership, combining her lived experience with deep insights gathered from over 100 interviews with India’s most successful CEOs. Former CEO of BP Ergo, her family’s office furniture business, Aparna led a fast-growing business, before moving to writing and speaking.

Popular Topics: LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® Workshops, Women in Leadership

Yogesh Chabria: Entrepreneur, Author, Founder

One of the top leadership speakers in India, Yogesh Chabria is an entrepreneur,  #1  bestselling author and the founder of The Happionaire™ Way, a global initiative to help people discover their own inner greatness and lead fulfilling lives in all areas. His transformative programs and seminars have benefitted leaders at Fortune 500 companies, IITs, members of the European Parliament, TEDx, Entrepreneurs’ Organization (EO), Members of The Royal Family, the Army, Navy, Air Force and people from all walks of life in over 100 countries – from students to billionaires.

Popular Topics: Teamwork and Togetherness, Succeed Using The Power of Mindset

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