The Most Popular Trekking & Hiking Spots in Saudi Arabia

There is a possibility that you may discover great opportunities for trekking in every region of the Kingdom, from the lofty mountains to the isolated valleys. These opportunities could be waiting for you. As a result of the varied terrain throughout the country, it is a popular vacation spot for hikers from all over the world. Visitors from all over the world come to Saudi Arabia in order to discover the natural hiking locations that have been protected in the country. Hikers who go along these incredible routes in Saudi Arabia will be rewarded with stunning panoramas that include expansive valleys, a vast lava field, and ancient rock inscriptions. Hikers can stay the night at any one of a number of different campsites that are dotted along a number of these various hiking trails. There are opportunities for hikers of many levels of experience in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, which is one of the reasons why hiking is such a popular hobby there. In order to make certain that the ascent goes smoothly and without incident, it is necessary to make the required preparations for it in advance. If citizens of the United Kingdom decide to take advantage of the Umrah packages that will be made available from the United Kingdom, they will have the opportunity to visit the aforementioned lovely locations. The list that follows provides an extensive summary of some of the most remarkable sites in Saudi Arabia to go hiking:

Wahba Crater: A Lake in a Hollow Depression

One of the most spectacular walks in all of Saudi Arabia is around the Al Wahba crater, which has a circumference of 6.9 km and a depth of 780 metres. The crater, a tremendously hollow depression with a lake in the middle, is the consequence of a phreatomagmatic material eruption. When viewed from above, sodium phosphate crystals can be seen shimmering and glistening. A lava field that has entirely dried out is located close to the crater’s northern rim. The atmosphere is ideal for stargazing.

Gain in height and location The trekking location is around 250 kilometres (km) from Taif and is located on the western edge of the Hafer Kishb Basalt Plateau. Additionally, Jeddah is about 323 kilometres (km) away. You will typically lose 780 metres in elevation throughout the course of the walk.

Before arriving at the lowest point in the crater, the trail continues for a further 780 metres. Depending on your level of fitness, the climb down to the crater’s base should take about 45 minutes, and the hike back up should take anywhere between 60 and 90 minutes.
It is advised that hikers go to the crater between the months of November and June because it is cooler during those months. In the summer, the temperature can very easily rise to 45 degrees Celsius around midday. Visitors should therefore aim to arrive early or postpone their visit until after 3 o’clock in the afternoon.

Edge Of The World – Coral Fossils on the Escarpment

The Jebel Fihrayn, commonly known as “the Edge of the World,” is a 300-meter-tall cliff that is part of the Jebel Tuwaiq region. Climbers from all over the world trek to reach the cliff’s summit even though 4×4 cars can make the majority of the journey. The cliff was formed as tectonic plates shifted. This place has been popular for having stunning sunrises and sunsets. Hikers are surprised and awed by the amount of coral and wood fossils in the area and along the escarpment.

Jebel Tuwaiq is located 90 km from Riyadh in Saudi Arabia. The famous Jebel Fihrayn cliff may be found 15 km past the main entrance to the valley. Together, the rift and cliff reach 985 metres above sea level; the rift is 685 metres high and the cliff is 300 metres high.

Length of the Trail:

After a 15-kilometer car ride, the excursion requires a 300-meter climb up a cliff. Due to the hot summers, the ideal time to visit Jebel Fihrayn is between November and June.

Al Ula Mountain Trek – Secret Valley in the Middle of the Arabian Desert

The steep route that goes through the Al Ula Mountains’ parallel valleys is a peaceful part of the hike. You’ll witness a variety of petroglyphs from the Lihyanite and Dadanite eras along with breathtaking volcanic rocks on this tour. A well-known tourist destination, The Lion Tombs of Dadan, are located inside. During the winter, pools of water may be encountered by hikers; those who cannot swim should learn to do so or ask their tour guide about obtaining life jackets. A stroll through Hidden Valley, which is open at all times, offers the chance to see the Arabian desert at its most spectacular as the moonlight dances over the canyon walls.

The hike starts at the Dunkin’ location in Al Ula, Saudi Arabia, on Unnamed Road 43541. This is located about 55 km from the airport. Despite the significant distance covered, there are no obvious inclines on the path.

The main adventure trail and the Hidden Valley trip are both roughly four miles long.

The ideal time to complete the Al Ula Adventure Trek is from October to April. The average monthly maximum temperature during this time is between 15 and 25 degrees Celsius.

Wadi Al Disah – Archaeological sites and natural springs of fresh water

Northwest of Saudi Arabia, in the Tabuk Province, is where one may find the breathtaking Wadi Al Disah. The name “Al Disah” (which translates to “the valley of palm trees”) refers to the palm palms that surround the valley. Sandstone cliffs and gigantic rock pillars can be found in this valley. The valley’s many freshwater springs are responsible for its lovely natural surroundings. In the area, there are many Nabataean-era archaeological sites can be explored. Manchester provides inexpensive Ramadan umrah packages, so locals can just come here.

The entrance to Wadi Al Disah is 1,200 metres away from Tabuk and 260 km away. Only automobiles can access Al Disah, a small community close to the trailhead. The elevation of the walk is 400 metres above sea level.

The path can be reached on foot or with a 4×4 vehicle and is around 15 miles long overall. The best months to visit the area are from November through March, when the weather is at its best.

Jabal Al Soudah – The highest peak in Saudi Arabia

Jabal Al Soudah, one of Saudi Arabia’s tallest mountains, provides a spectacular hiking track. 3133 metres (10,279 ft) above sea level, the top. Beautiful green juniper trees and breathtaking vistas may be found along the way. On the wavy path, keep an eye out for common edges and hazardous spots. Experienced hikers can ascend to the top, which is a wide promenade, with ease and just little effort, where they can enjoy the stunning views.

Jabal Al Soudah is located in the Asir region of Saudi Arabia, around 40 kilometres from Abha. Trekkers and tourists can easily use private or public transportation to leave the town and travel to the Al Soudah region. The height increases by 1290 metres after reaching the summit.

Path Length – The trail’s overall length is 15.4 km despite having a little elevation gain due to the frequent rise and fall it endures.

Best Time to Visit: Al Soudah offers a welcoming atmosphere all year long. Due to the average summer temperature of 25°C and the average winter temperature of 15°C, trekking is possible all year long. With the aid of reasonable Ramadan umrah packages, Manchester people can easily travel to this location.

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