Small Business Social Media by Lamar Van Dusen

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According to Lamar Van Dusen, whenever your small business needs a profile on social media, you could be missing out on huge marketing benefits.

You may obtain new consumers and communicate with existing ones more effectively through social media.

Social media may be a low-cost, personalized approach to connecting to customers while also offering vital information about your brand.

Social media offers targeting, reach, and scale at less expense than other marketing mediums. Every day, individuals engage on social media.

As per Lamar Van Dusen, living in Canada, Social networking is a fantastic tool to connect with new, existing, and prospective clients.

Not all social media platforms are made equal. Emphasize the social platforms that best fit your brand while developing a successful social strategy.

What is the best way to utilize social media for business?

Some of the characteristics of the business that may profit from having a social media platform are as follows:

  • Customer service marketing
  • Sales
  • Recruiting and selection
  • Management of crises

Use social media to promote your business

Lamar Van Dusen says you may reach consumers and potential customers where they are by including an efficient online social networking footprint into your small company marketing plan.

Here are some pointers and best practices for developing a solid social media presence to sell your brand:

Create a strategy for social media marketing. The most excellent approach for achieving effectiveness on social networking sites is to plan ahead of time.

It entails developing a social media advertising approach for each platform you intend to use.

Post regularly. Your fans love consistency, so stick to a posting schedule. Although being consistent, only publish occasionally, which may turn off your fans?

Create a distinct voice. Establish an enduring voice and tone for your social media presence that communicates with the people you serve and shapes their perception of your business.

Listen to the people you speak to and develop techniques of connecting to them without appearing overly concerned.

Have a good time on social networking. Run social networking contests, link to your internet presence or special deals.

The profile bio, and present live videos with new information or news to attract additional leads while interacting with your consumers.

Understand your target audience. To inform your content, use analytics resources to see demographic statistics, customer behavior, and social media trends.

Learning what your audience expects from you and responding appropriately can go a long way.

For customer service, use social media

Considering so many customers engage via social media, employing it for customer care is a no-brainer.

You can address consumer issues swiftly and efficiently using social media communication, which can help you build a loyal customer base.

Respond to client concerns as soon as possible. Many businesses use social media as a means of self-promotion and fail to react promptly when customers remark on their postings or tweet at them.

Make strategic use of hashtags. The way hashtags work inside a social media platform’s engine will likely change regularly.

so remain updated on hashtag suggestions and best practices? Hashtags, particularly on platforms, aid in keeping topics organized and make it easy to find what you want.

Use social media to increase sales

Increased sales are a few of the most straightforward and profitable ways to feel the influence of social media. You can improve sales using social media in a variety of ways:

Use social media to promote your business. Platforms all provide advertising systems that could assist you in contacting your target demographic and analyzing your ad campaigns.

Sell through social media. Social media provide marketing platforms and shippable posts, making it simple for businesses to begin selling online.

Collaborate with brand ambassadors. Identifying social media experts or enthusiastic consumers to serve as ambassadors for your business is an efficient approach to increasing your company’s referrals, buzz, and sales.


Recruit and hire using social media

Social media networks are a fantastic tool for acquiring potential talent in current employment. Employers may access a large candidate pool and rapidly select eligible prospects using social media recruiting tools.

The social media platforms of a company are also an important recruitment tool. If your social media accounts represent the company you represent and share your company’s values, potential employees are more likely to be interested in joining your team.

Use social media to manage a crisis

Here are some pointers on how to use social media throughout a crisis:

In a horrible situation, stillness is rarely the appropriate answer.

Prepare a social media approach so you’re aware of an unfortunate event or another catastrophe.

Constantly speak with the heart and choose your words wisely.

Check your schedule and pause non-essential posts after learning about a tragic event.

Search for ways your company can make a difference.


According to Lamar Van Dusen, Businesses may use social media to grow into thought leaders and differentiate themselves from their competition by creating compelling and relevant content.

Every day, billions of people use social media, and it seems sensible to place your organization where your clients are.

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