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According to Lamar Van Dusen, Customers frequently report that small firms provide the finest customer service. Small firms offer superior customer service than giant corporations. Customers are more likely to invest more money in an entity that prioritizes customer care. It will continue to be more loyal to the business in the future.

As per Lamar Van Dusen, many firms must re-calibrate their customer service teams to gain worth in Canada. Customer service may be improved by providing the necessary tools, engaging in training programmes, and analyzing staff feedback. When purchasing, customers view their experience as a growing component of a company’s services.

Even though you already have a well-known brand for your small business, you are not immune. Word of mouth can be an excellent way to advertise a good or service, it is also a perfect.

Tips for Improving Customer Service in Your Small Business by Lamar Van Dusen

You can only partially revamp the customer service department of your business instantaneously. Still, communicating directly with your client service representatives and examining your infrastructure is the most efficient way to do it. Consider the following suggestions of Lamar Van Dusen for increasing your company’s customer service.

Develop your team members into field experts

After providing the necessary equipment, you should give your employees appropriate instructions.

Empathy, pleasant language, and other soft competencies related to psychological ability will go an extended distance. Assisting your team in working with your consumers. Hiring employees who know how to communicate well with various consumer types is an added benefit. You should also train your personnel to speak correctly without being overly commercial.

Provide possibilities for professional development

In addition to the company-provided education, you may motivate your employees to pursue professional development courses to further their abilities. You might put money into customer service training programs. These training sessions can help your team members launch or advance their careers in dealing with customers.

Pay attention to your team’s feedback and make any necessary modifications

If your team members believe their suggestions are being considered and their feelings are being heard. They are more inclined to do the same for your consumers.

Aside from these methods, you might work on your company’s client loyalty and implement interactive voice response. Finally, a social media-based client service channel can assist you in organizing your queries effectively. Connecting with current and potential consumers, and providing excellent client service.

Customer service can constantly be improved

Small businesses excel in dealing with consumers, but there is always an opportunity for improvement. Whether this is growing your workforce, investing in new technology, or implementing classroom instruction. The extra time and energy will be worth it in the long run.


Marketing improves customer service

Small firms have numerous challenges, including marketing.

Use your organization’s marketing plan to reach clients who would not be aware of the goods and services you provide otherwise. It is critical since most clients will only come across your company once you try to reach out to them.

Identify your company’s identity and identify your target clients before establishing a small-business marketing strategy. Then, create an organization website and budget for promotion. Then, put in place marketing tools and platforms.

Email, social media, paid-per-click (PPC) ads, online networking, and your company’s website (particularly its blog page) are all standard marketing methods.

What exactly is a marketing plan for a business?

Your company’s marketing strategy outlines how you intend to reach new and existing clients via different methods, such as email advertising and direct mail. It entails identifying your target clients, assessing their needs, desires, and challenges, and pitching your company as the best answer.

A marketing approach for a company is a collection of methods meant to raise brand awareness while improving revenue and revenue generation through acquiring new customers. Your target audience exists, but they may need to be made aware of what you do if you are not promoting efficiently. People are looking for solutions to problems, and a successful marketing campaign educates them on how your goods and services can help them.

Lamar Van Dusen says you need marketing to be able to rely on hard selling. You’re approaching folks who need more preparation, don’t understand who you are, and might not know they have something to worry about. Marketing assists individuals in discovering the small business, identifying their problem and the solution.

The firm supplies because it’s the solution for them, and feeling comforted rather than pushed.

Marketing is essential for all businesses

Marketing is a specialized sector to which many established organizations devote an entire department, which is unnecessary. Even tiny businesses can and should promote to gain new clients and maintain existing customers interested in their brands. Use the guidance in this small business marketing guide to get started on the correct path.


According to Lamar Van Dusen, Small businesses are abundant in the economy, and their increased expansion has resulted in economic improvement because these businesses frequently overcome negative economic variables such as inflation, and they are very adaptable, making decision-making straightforward and relevant. A business person may establish a small firm and grow it into a vast business by extending operations and production.

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