Preserving History and Embracing Sustainability


Cape Ann, a scenic coastal region located in northeastern Massachusetts, is renowned for its picturesque landscapes, rich maritime heritage, and thriving fishing industry. Amidst this beautiful setting lies Cape Ann Oil, a company deeply rooted in the region’s history while cape ann oil strives to embrace sustainability in its operations. For decades, Cape Ann Oil has been a trusted provider of heating oil and related services, ensuring that residents and businesses stay warm during the chilly New England winters. Today, the company continues to evolve, combining its commitment to tradition with a forward-thinking approach to protect the environment.

A Legacy of Service:

Cape Ann Oil has a long-standing legacy of serving the community. Established in the early 20th century, the company has been a pillar of support for homeowners and businesses in the region, delivering reliable heating oil to their doorsteps. Over the years, Cape Ann Oil has earned the trust and loyalty of its customers through its dedication to exceptional service and competitive pricing.

Preserving History:

In a rapidly changing world, Cape Ann Oil recognizes the importance of preserving the region’s rich history. The company’s headquarters, a historic building nestled in downtown Gloucester, serves as a reminder of the area’s maritime heritage. While embracing modern technologies and sustainable practices, Cape Ann Oil is committed to maintaining the architectural integrity of its headquarters, ensuring that it remains a symbol of the region’s past.

Embracing Sustainability:

With growing concerns about climate change and environmental impact, Cape Ann Oil has taken proactive steps to reduce its carbon footprint and promote sustainability. The company has invested in state-of-the-art equipment and infrastructure, enabling it to provide cleaner and more efficient heating oil options to its customers. By offering ultra-low sulfur heating oil and biodiesel blends, Cape Ann Oil helps its customers reduce their greenhouse gas emissions and contribute to a cleaner environment.

Partnerships for a Greener Future:

Cape Ann Oil understands that sustainable progress requires collaboration and partnerships. The company actively works with local organizations, environmental groups, and industry stakeholders to promote eco-friendly practices. Through these partnerships, Cape Ann Oil supports initiatives such as energy conservation programs, renewable energy projects, and community education on sustainable living. By engaging with the community and sharing knowledge, Cape Ann Oil strives to create a greener future for Cape Ann and beyond.

Customer Education:

Education is a vital aspect of Cape Ann Oil’s commitment to sustainability. The company believes that informed customers can make conscious decisions that positively impact the environment. Cape Ann Oil provides resources and educational materials to its customers, raising awareness about energy efficiency, conservation, and the benefits of cleaner heating options. By empowering its customers with knowledge, Cape Ann Oil encourages them to make environmentally responsible choices.

A Local Steward:

As a local business deeply connected to the community, Cape Ann Oil is dedicated to being a responsible steward of the region’s natural resources. The company ensures that its operations comply with environmental regulations and adopts best practices to minimize any potential impact on the local ecosystem. By supporting local conservation efforts and participating in initiatives like beach cleanups and wildlife preservation, Cape Ann Oil demonstrates its commitment to the environment beyond its core business.


Cape Ann Oil represents the perfect blend of tradition and sustainability. While honoring its rich history and longstanding service to the community, the company also recognizes the importance of embracing modern solutions to protect the environment. By investing in cleaner heating oil options, engaging in partnerships for sustainability, and educating its customers, Cape Ann Oil paves the way for a greener future on Cape Ann. As the seasons change and the cold winters approach, residents and businesses can rely on Cape Ann Oil to keep them warm while knowing they are contributing to a more sustainable world.

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