Practice Fusion EHR vs. NovoClinial EHR: A Comprehensive Analysis 

Want to know which healthcare solution is more effective among NovoClinical and Practice Fusion? Go nowhere else, as here we have compiled one exclusive Practice Fusion EHR vs. NovoClinical EHR comparison.  

NovoClinical Software   

NovoClinical is a secure cloud-based EHR solution built for small to medium-sized practices. It gives users the choice to deploy either on-premises or via the cloud. The NovoClinical EHR supports dermatology, OBGYN, general practice, pediatrics, gastrointestinal, immunology, and many other disciplines. NovoClinical EHR scores the ground for its custom templates and reporting features.   

NovoClinical Software Key Features   

The three salient features of NovoClinical EHR are as follows:  

Reporting and Billing   

The medical billing and reporting modules from NovoClinical include UB-04 support, claims scrubbing, and DME billing. Insurance eligibility checks, medical history, lab findings, and reports populate immediately on the physicians’ dashboard. Also, NovoClinical EHR features automated patient statements ensuring no errors in patient billing.  

Patient Portal   

The NovoClinical EHR features a patient portal for free, allowing patients to securely contact their providers and book future appointments online. The robust patient portal allows patients to access their lab results, historical clinical summaries, and prescription lists. It is embedded within the EHR system; thus, the patient records are automatically populated to it.   

Task Management   

Task management is one of the highly-regarded features of NovoClinical enabling managers to delegate tasks to teams, schedule follow-ups on lab procedures, archive reports, and get alerts about unfinished business. By using the system, physicians may identify and categorize a patient’s symptoms, make claims to insurance firms, and monitor their day-to-day performance.   

NovoClinical Software Pricing   

The NovoClinial offers its pricing from $100 per month for specific features only. The pricing bundles of NovoClinical are quite affordable, and practices can implement them even if they are tight on budget. The EMR plan comes at $250/month/physician, and the EMR with practice management plan costs $375/month/physician. You can choose between the pricing bundles of NovoClinical based on your personalized requirements.      

NovoClinical Demo   

NovoClinical software has no free trial available, but its demo can be quite valuable when making your final choice. The demo of NovoClinical EHR will guide you and allow you to understand how the system works. So, set up a demo and take a closer look at the feature range and user interface of NovoClinical EHR to examine its learning curve and more.   

NovoClinical Software Reviews   

This user-friendly solution garners positive user feedback. As per the user reviews,  e-prescribing, integrated eFax, appointment reminders, and alert notifications are just a few of the outstanding services of NovoClinical EHR. Anyone can use this rigorous platform to create and assign tasks and keep track of them until they are finished.   

The reviews share how NovoClinical EHR appeals to clinicians with solid timesheet management and voice recognition services. Reviews suggest that the Revenue Cycle Management module of NovoClinical EHR might be made more efficient. Aside from that, this vendor is good to go.   

Now let’s move to the second part of this NovoClinical EHR vs. Practice Fusion EHR comparison. 

Practice Fusion EHR 

It is a scalable healthcare solution for all-sized practices. The software lowers the admin burden and has been trusted by care providers for over a decade now. Practice Fusion EHR has all the functionality needed to guarantee medical practices’ smooth running and scalability. It is the best fit for more than 40 medical specialties providing users with the freedom they need.  

Practice Fusion EHR Features: 

Given below are three top-notch services of Practice Fusion EHR.  

Real-time Data Exchange: 

The vendor supports real-time data exchange eliminating redundancy and duplicacy errors from clinical operations. The seamless data exchange mitigates gaps in care and keeps staff and providers on one page. It supports data exchange with local laboratories, imaging centers and pharmacies, creating a broad healthcare network.  


The charting capability of Practice Fusion EHR is phenomenal. It is a time saver and adapts to the needs of the medical professionals. What makes it unique is its ability to create personalized shortcuts to handle encounters faster. Also, it generates patient summaries providers can consult while crafting charts. They can even browse the content library.  

Customer Support: 

The customer support of Practice Fusion is often called to be writ large. It is a prominent capability packed with guided implementation, tailored EHR onboarding support service, person-to-person support, and guided implementation. There are live webinars and on-demand training support that keep practices going smoothly.  

Practice Fusion EHR Pricing: 

Practice Fusion wins this round, too, in this Practice Fusion EHR vs. NovoClinical EHR comparison guide. It does so by offering a comprehensive EMR module for just $149/month./physician, almost half the price of NovoClinical. Annual commitment is required to go with the pricing plans of Practice Fusion EHR. But it is worth it as the pricing bundles of Practice Fusion EHR are affordable and include customer support, training and implementation services. It covers automated updates, labs and imaging etc.  

Practice Fusion Demo: 

The Practice Fusion EHR provides recorded demo tutorials. You can review the demo tutorials of Practice Fusion EHR to see how easy it is to use. The EHR module of Practice Fusion is the center of attention for the demo videos. All demonstration videos are quick and simple to understand. You will find exclusive demo videos by Practice Fusion EHR on e-prescription, data import, appointment management, etc.  Also, Practice Fusion beats NovoClinical by offering a 14-day free trial along with the demonstration tutorials.  

Practice Mate EHR Reviews 

The reviews of Practice Fusion reveal how this platform enables practitioners to stay on the leading edge of care delivery. This cloud-based EHR is always up-to-date and allows multi-location data access. The system is fully protected against cyber attacks and maintains real-time backups to prevent data loss.  

Moreover, the reviews cite that Practice Mate is easy to use for all independent practices. This software minimizes overall expenses improving the efficiency of clinical operations. It is also mentioned in the reviews how Practice Mate helps caregivers excel in preventing unnecessary burnout. Despite all this, some users have expressed displeasure with its billing module. It needs to be improved for good.  

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