Peter Pan and Wendy Review

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The tepid, soulless Peter Pan and Wendy that emerges from the latest in Disney’s never-ending series of live action remakes of its classic animated films is just as boring as you might expect. Rather than a grandiose adaptation worthy of the big screen, this is a dreary trudge that will probably be best appreciated in streaming form on Disney+.

Production Design

The film starts out well enough. The production design, by Jade Healy, is handsome and atmospheric, particularly the early scenes set in the Darlings’ Edwardian London home. The flixtor movie’s visual style is more reminiscent of the 1950s than the present day, with lush William Morris florals and Persian carpets framing rooms filled with children’s toys.

The Story

Unlike many of Disney’s recent remakes, this one is surprisingly faithful to the original script by JM Barrie and its 1953 animated predecessor. The story has been tweaked here and there, of course, but not to the point of losing its essential savor.

The most significant difference from the animated version is that this time the story puts its focus squarely on Wendy, a spirited young girl played here by Ever Anderson (daughter of Milla Jovovich and Paul W.S. Anderson). She embodies Wendy’s wide-eyed wonder and fearful trepidation with considerable charm. 

The Cast

Anderson’s presence gives the movie a much-needed dose of wokeness. There are also no shortage of awe-inspiring action sequences, including one that demonstrates the power of pixie dust and a stunning aerial shot of Wendy, Peter, and the pirate crew as they rotate Hook’s ship 360 degrees in midair.

Once the impish Peter whisks Wendy and her brothers off to Neverland, the movie’s mood shifts to a more ominous and unsettling tone. The dark shadows of Captain Hook’s pirate ship and the looming threat of being trapped forever in boyhood suffuse the evocative fantasy world with an uneasy sense of foreboding.

Lack of Dramatic Urgency

Unfortunately, none of these visual flourishes can make up for the fact that the movie doesn’t have any heart or soul. The movie isn’t quite as bad as a typical live action remake and it has its moments, but they are few and far between. The movie is also burdened by a lack of dramatic urgency, which may account for its sluggish pace and a general feeling of bland mediocrity. 

The film is probably best enjoyed by kids, but even they are likely to find this Peter Pan less than enchanting. It’s yet another disappointing example of Disney’s indifference to making quality entertainment.


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