Kung Fu Ghost Movie Review

The film leans into fantasy, creating worlds where exotic weaponry blends with bright colors and masterful set design. The film also leans into comedy, with Daisy providing plenty of laughs as she struggles to learn the martial arts skills needed to defend her home and the precious artifacts in it. Finally the film reaches into the dramatic, as Daisy becomes increasingly convinced that she has been called to protect this holy object. It’s a remarkable mix of genres and one that shows how well director, writer, star, and producer Jennifer N Linch understands what she is doing.

The Cast

The cast is well chosen, with a group of young actors that provides some solid performances. Especially good is Kiki Yeung (Kill Zone 2, Star Leaf) as Aunt Minh. Her character adds a much-needed sense of comedy, balancing out the seriousness that is present throughout. Linch herself delivers some strong moments as well, although she doesn’t have many of them to work with. She still manages to make the most of what she has and gives the character an air of spoiled rich girl that fits nicely with her surroundings.

The Story

When a young woman named Daisy inherits her late grandfather’s estate, she finds it is haunted by his spirit and another ghost, William. The spirits are there to guard the family’s history and special artifacts. But when thieves enter the house, Daisy calls on the ghosts to defend it.

The ghosts agree but soon it becomes clear that Daisy has little to no martial arts abilities. So she begins her training, reluctantly at first, but eventually catching on as the lessons become more and more intense. The fight scenes are surprisingly entertaining, despite the low budget. Stunt coordinator Shane Alexander (The Mercenaries, I Am Gitmo) and action director Jason Truong (SuperGrid, Cagefighter) have done their job of making the battles exciting. And despite a little bit of overcranking at times, the action looks pretty good.


Even the more dramatic moments are believable thanks to the way writer Ivan White constructs his story. He makes sure that the romance is grounded in the spiritual world as well as the material and that destiny plays a role in all that happens. That’s something that a lot of movies tend to ignore and it is refreshing to see this flixtor movie embrace the idea so fully.


Kung Fu Ghost is a fun mix of genres that will please a wide audience. The story is well-written, with humor, drama, and action all present in equal measure. It will definitely have a following amongst fans of indie action, and while it may not be perfect, it is well worth checking out for anyone that likes this sort of thing.


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