Kareo Vs AthenaHealth EMR Software Review 2023


Electronic Health Record (EHR) and Electronic Medical Record (EMR) systems have revolutionized the healthcare industry by streamlining clinical workflows, improving patient care, and enhancing overall practice efficiency. In this report, we will compare two popular EHR and EMR software solutions, Kareo EHR and Athena EMR, to provide an in-depth analysis of their features, functionality, usability, and overall value for healthcare providers.

Features and Functionality:

Kareo EHR:

Kareo EHR offers a comprehensive set of features including patient management, e-prescribing, documentation, appointment scheduling, billing and claims management, and reporting. It provides customizable templates, enabling physicians to document patient encounters efficiently. Kareo EHR also integrates with Kareo Practice Management, creating a seamless workflow.

Athena EMR:

Athena EMR offers robust features such as patient charting, e-prescribing, order management, appointment scheduling, revenue cycle management, and reporting. It emphasizes clinical decision support and population health management, helping providers deliver high-quality care. Athena EMR integrates with AthenaCollector, their billing and practice management system, facilitating end-to-end practice operations.

Usability and User Experience:

Kareo EHR has a user-friendly interface with a modern design that promotes ease of use. Its intuitive layout and navigation enable clinicians to quickly access patient information and complete tasks efficiently. Kareo EHR provides training and support resources to help users maximize their software experience.

Athena EMR has a clean and organized interface, designed to optimize user productivity. It offers smart workflows and adaptive learning tools that adapt to a clinician’s preferences, reducing clicks and repetitive tasks. Athena also provides extensive training and customer support, ensuring users can effectively utilize the software.

Interoperability and Integration:

Kareo EHR offers interoperability with external systems through the use of HL7 standards and integration capabilities with labs, pharmacies, and imaging centers. It supports electronic lab orders and results, e-prescribing, and secure messaging with other providers, enabling efficient communication and collaboration.

Athena EMR prioritizes interoperability and seamless data exchange. It has a robust network of integrated partners and interfaces with various healthcare systems, promoting interoperability and continuity of care. Athena’s extensive connectivity options allow for smooth information exchange between healthcare providers.

Customization and Scalability:

Kareo EHR offers customizable templates and forms, allowing providers to tailor their documentation and workflows to their specific needs. It also provides scalability, accommodating practices of various sizes, from small clinics to large multi-specialty organizations.

Athena EMR is highly customizable, offering flexible workflows and templates. Providers can customize their clinical documentation to fit their specialty and practice requirements. The system is scalable and can adapt to the changing needs of practices as they grow.

Pricing and Support:

Kareo EHR pricing is subscription-based, with options for small practices as well as larger organizations. Pricing varies depending on the specific requirements of the practice. Kareo provides comprehensive customer support through training resources, webinars, and a dedicated support team.

Athena EMR pricing is tailored to the needs of each practice and can vary based on factors such as practice size, specialty, and desired functionality. Athena offers extensive customer support, including onboarding assistance, training programs, and a dedicated customer success team.


Both Kareo EHR and Athena EMR are feature-rich EHR/EMR software solutions that cater to the needs of healthcare providers. Kareo EHR stands out with its user Kareo EHR stands out with its user-friendly interface and seamless integration with Kareo Practice Management, making it a compelling choice for practices looking for an all-in-one solution for their clinical and administrative needs. On the other hand, Athena EMR excels in its emphasis on clinical decision support and population health management agency, making it a preferred option for providers focused on delivering high-quality care and managing patient populations effectively. Ultimately, the choice between Kareo EHR and Athena EMR will depend on the specific requirements, preferences, and priorities of the healthcare practice.

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