Jennifer Lopez’s Wedding Gown: A Special Look

Jennifer Lopez Wedding


Jennifer Lopez is one of the most gorgeous women on the planet, and it’s not hard to see why. The star has always been known for her style, from her early days as a member of the girl group TLC to her more recent career as an actress and producer. She’s also known for her love of couture and she made sure that wasn’t going to change when she walked down the aisle in a stunning dress at her wedding to Marc Anthony. We saw photos from Lopez’s big day, but today we’re going to take a look at how this gown was made and what were the special features of that gown which made that gown stand out so aloud and made it last in the eyes of many people.

Jennifer Lopez’s Wedding Dress is Stunning

The dress was a combination of traditional and modern. It had a long train, but it wasn’t the traditional length that you would expect from an American wedding gown from the 1950s or 1960s. Instead, Lopez’s dress had a more contemporary silhouette: it was very thin with thin sleeves and no corset back. The top portion of her bodice featured beading along with embroidery that gave it an extra sense of sophistication; however, there were also hints at tradition such as lace appliqued onto certain areas of her dress (such as on its sleeves). This combination made for an elegant yet eye-catching look!

The Bride Wore a Ralph Lauren gown for her Nuptials

Ralph Lauren is a fashion designer and brand that has dressed many celebrities. He was one of Lopez’s celebrity stylists when she wore his designs to the Met Gala in May 2018.

The dress was designed by ELSA Schmid and featured an ornate lace bodice with a sheer skirt that had a floral pattern on it. The gown also came with an understated elegance thanks to its simple color palette: white lace on top, black taffeta at the bottom, and off,-white organza, draped over its shoulders.

In addition to being Lopez’s wedding gown designer, Lauren has worked with other famous women like Jennifer Aniston (who wore his clothing during her engagement party) and Emma Stone (who sported one of his outfits during her red carpet debut).

The Breathtaking look was the perfect mix of Traditional and Unique

The breathtaking look was the perfect mix of traditional and unique. The dress was a classic white, with embroidery and beading that added a modern touch to it. It had long sleeves and a train, which required two people to hold up at once! And then there was the veil covered in crystals that reflected light like diamonds.

Lopez Walked Down the aisle in a Sheer Column Gown

The dress was a Ralph Lauren design, and it’s no wonder that Lopez chose to wear it on her wedding day. The designer has previously worked with Lopez on several other occasions, including designing her stage costumes for the musical productions of “Alondra” and “In Living Color.” The designer’s modern take on classic silhouettes is evident in this gown—it features a traditional bodice with an asymmetrical skirt made of satin fabric that hangs down past Lopez’s knees before flaring out dramatically at the bottom so that she can walk gracefully down her aisle without tripping over herself (or anyone else).

Jennifer Lopez Wedding

The Train of the Gown was so long

The train of the gown was so long it required two people to hold it up as she walked down the aisle.

It’s a detail that Lopez lovingly refers to as “the train of my heart,” and it was certainly a statement in her wedding gown a statement about how far she had come from those days when she wore tube tops and baggy jeans.

Lopez’s veil was Covered in Crystals that Reflected the light in the Ballroom

One of the most popular trends for wedding veils is crystal. Crystals can be used to reflect light, or they can add sparkle to your dress by adding flecks of color. Lopez’s veil was covered in crystals that reflected the light in the ballroom, creating an effect similar to a disco ball.

I love Seeing a Wedding Dress that makes a Statement

I love seeing a wedding dress that makes a statement! This one does just that it’s stunning and unique, with amazing details. It’s long enough to require two people to hold it up as she walks down the aisle, which is so cool! The train is covered in crystals that reflect the light in the ballroom while also adding some glamour.


While we’re not sure what kind of music will be played at the wedding, Lopez did confirm that she’d do a choreographed routine with Sean Paul, who is also performing. Lopez also explained that her husband-to-be has been working on his dance moves for months and already knows how to move like he’s been doing it all his life when they first met.

The couple first met a few years ago through mutual friends and were introduced by Lopez’s sister, whom Paul was dating at the time, according to People magazine. They began dating shortly after they heard each other’s stories over dinner one night, but weren’t officially engaged until nearly four years later.” We got engaged three years ago on Valentine’s Day,” said Lopez in an interview with People Magazine.” Sean had this idea about getting married in Hawaii because he loves going there,” she added. “He wanted us both to be able to share everything,” said Lopez talking about their proposal story which included several elements including being surrounded by friends & family members like Cuban artist Elio Hernandez (who sings/raps) & DJ Envy; having fireworks go off during their special moment while they’re flying down from above-holding hands while looking up into each other’s eyes – all surrounded by tropical flowers & plants growing everywhere around them!

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