Embroidery Digitizing Services: Converting JPG to PES for Beautiful Stitched Art


Embroidery is an old art that converts simple fabric into a beautiful piece of decorative work. Our grandmother did embroidery by hand in the past, but as technology and advancement revolutionized the embroidery industry, it made it easier to bring any design to life. Embroidery digitizing service is one of them that allows you to convert your JPG to PES file format and create beautiful stitched art.

Embroidery digitizing converts a digital image into a machine embroidery file format that the machine can read. And it allows you to create any image into a masterpiece of stitch art, including any design, picture, or logo of your brand.

When you want to convert an image into custom embroidery, then you need to convert the image file JPG to a PES file. PES is the popular embroidery file format that many embroidery machines can read.

Now discuss how you can convert the image file into machine embroidery file format.

What Is an Embroidery Digitising Service?

Embroidery digitizing requires special software and, of course, a skilled digitizer who knows the intricacies of a digital design and the technique of converting it into custom embroidery. You can get the most satisfactory result by hiring a professional digitizer service.

Whether you are a nonprofessional or a business owner, you can get precise and detailed stitch art of logos or designs by embroidery digitizing service.

Steps To Convert The JPG Into PES

Step 1

In the first step of the embroidery digitizing digitizer, convert the JPG file into a vector format. The benefit of this conversion is scalability without any quality loss. It was done by using mathematical equations to define the lines and shape of your design to get a crisp and clear design regardless of size.  After converting it into vector format, it can be edited to get the desired embroidery design.

Step 2

The design was then imported into a specialized embroidery digitizing software in the second step. This software allows the digitizer to choose each design element’s stitch type, direction, and density. Ensuring the final artwork or logo represents and looks in a beautiful stitch art form is important. The digitizer should consider the stitch angle and stitched length to get the desired texture and visual representation.

Step 3

Now it is time to consider the fabric type. Different fabrics have different stitch types and densities. So a digitizer needs to adjust the stitch parameter according to the fabric type. For example, a delicate silk scarf or a sturdy denim jacket has different textures and densities. So to get the best possible embroidery, the digitizer should optimize the design.

Step 4

Once the digitizing process is complete, the final step is to save the final design into a machine embroidery file format like PES which can be read by the machine and embroidery according to the given or saved instruction. In this file format, the digitizer saves color, stitch type, density, and placement, allowing the machine to replicate the design onto the fabric accurately. And this file was transferred to the embroidery machine through a USB drive.

Benefits Of Embroidery Digitising Service

Embroidery digitizing services has many benefits for both the individual and the business. It allows individuals to customize or personalize their artwork into embroidery form.

And for business, it offers to promote and showcase your brand with an eye-catching and cool look. And the precise work of the digitizer represents the brand identity in stitching artwork.

Fast Turn Around

An embroidery digitizing service normally provides service within a few days with a fast turnaround time. And it is fast as compared to when you digitize your own.

Professional Work

They use professional software and equipment and create high-quality designs. And give surety to be embroidered professionally.

Many Option

embroidery digitizing service has many options when it comes to creativity. They have a vast range of services like custom embroidered patches, clothing tags, labels, PVC patches, leather patches, chenille patches, screen printing, and more. You just need to send your desired size and design, and all be done.

Tips For Creating Beautiful Stitched Art With Embroidery Digitizing Services

  • Provide detailed and clear instructions.
  • Choose high-quality images.
  • Allow the digitizer enough time to create your design.
  • Choose an experienced and professional digitizing service.


Following this trick, trips, and steps, you can create beautiful stitch art with an embroidery digitizing service. So what are you waiting for? Get started today!

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