Dark Side Of Facebook & Tumblr Social Network

Facebook, Tumblr, and other social media networks are godsends to teens and children who desire to stay connected and know what is happening in their relatives’ and friends’ lives. By just logging in to the website or application, they can talk with and learn about all the individuals who are important to them. 

However, did you know there is a dark side to Tumblr and Facebook? From cyberbullying, scams, adult content, identity theft, etc., the naïve age of kids and teens makes them the key target of these threats on social networks. 

As a parent, your kids’ protection will forever be your top priority regardless of how old they grow. Their well-being is forever on your head, and you should do several things to shield them from the dark side of social media networks. You can install a Facebook spy app on their devices to be aware of everything they do on their FB app.  

What Is The Dark Side Of Facebook And Tumblr?

It can be challenging for caregivers to keep up with social media trends and sites utilized by teens nowadays. Two of the most prevalent social networks are Facebook and Tumblr. 

They drive both advantages and disadvantages. Teens can interact with like-minded people and share everything about their life. There are many reasons Tumblr and Facebook are so popular. Nevertheless, they have a darker side that can be distressing. Here is what parents must know.

● Virtual Predators

Sexual predators stalk young kids and teens on social media sites to exploit them and attract them into what can become hazardous encounters. They skillfully exploit teens’ innocence and use their imagination as a method to trap them. 

They are very discreet with their presence, but they have a lifelong effect on your kid’s life. You can keep them away from such dangerous people with the help of Tumblr spy software

● Cyberbullying

Facebook and Tumblr are ideal platforms for bullying and other sorts of humiliation. Children are susceptible to being bullied by folks they know and strangers. 

Someone can bully your kid in the form of a direct message, tagged post, or comment. The effects of cyberbullying can last for a lifetime.

● Identify Theft

Teens are chief targets of identity theft, as their misconduct is not usually exposed until it is too late. On FB and Tumblr profiles and posts, kids can share a lot of private information, such as their full name, school name, the city they reside in, the places they frequently visit, etc. Identify thieves may also try to acquire a teen’s information by directly communicating with them.

● Scams

Numerous adults fall for digital scams regularly, so you can visualize the number of teens and young kids who become sufferers of phishing and other kinds of scams. 

They are effortlessly trapped with rewards like discount codes, free games, etc., because they are not cautious. Digital criminals also trap children with prizes in return for confidential data like their parent’s credit card or bank account details.

How Can Parents Protect Their Kids From The Dark Side Of FB And Tumblr?

If you want to safeguard your children from the dark side of social media networks, you must keep tabs on their activities with kids monitoring app, such as TheOneSpy app.

This Tumblr spy software lets you monitor texts, gifs, images, and videos shared secretly and remotely on the Tumblr social app. You can track the target’s likes, shares, followers, and followings. However, you will probably need to root or jailbreak the target device to use the Tumblr spy feature.

On the other hand, the TheOneSpy Facebook spy app allows you to spy on your teens’ messages, FB activity logs, video, and audio conversations, blocked and deleted entries, added friends, and multimedia sharing. 

You can also monitor their private likes, shares, tags, and FB messenger keystrokes. Theonespy app also permits you to start screen recording on the target device when the target signs in to his Tumblr or FB app.


Facebook and Tumblr are risky places for kids and teens. That’s why parents should use parental control software to protect them from the hazards of both networks. 

With the spy app, you can pinpoint threats timely and inhibit your children from experiencing any negative aftermaths of interacting with creepy folks.

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