Custom Digital Printed Boxes For Candles Wholesalers

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Digital printing makes it easier for you to print high-quality images and designs on your unique boxes. Thus, this printing technique will work very well to showcase your candles in unique designs and patterns. If you wish to create a modern and trendy look, Digital Printed Boxes For Candles Wholesalers are perfect.

Custom Two Piece Candle Boxes

Custom two piece candle boxes are the ideal packaging solution for your candle business. These boxes are designed with two separate pieces that fit together perfectly, providing a secure and sturdy container for your candles. Made with high-quality materials, these boxes can be customized to your exact specifications to meet your branding needs. Two-piece Boxes For Candles Wholesalers come in a variety of sizes, shapes, and colors, and can be customized with your logo, artwork, and other design elements to make your product stand out on store shelves. When designing your boxes, it is essential to include all the necessary product information. With complete information, you can help customers to make the right purchasing decisions.

Custom Gift Candle Boxes

These beautiful boxes will change your candles into captivating gifts. By using Custom Gift Candle boxes for your candles, you can create a memorable gifting experience for your customers.

White Candle Boxes

White-colored Candle boxes will help you provide a luxurious look to your lovely candles inside. Even better, the white color will add a touch of elegance to your packaging boxes. If you wish to create a classy look for your Boxes For Candles Wholesalers, these Retail Boxes Wholesale are your best option.

Candle scent and size

Your boxes should clearly display the candle’s scent. This way, those customers will know what to expect before opening the boxes. You can include the scent name or a brief description of the fragrance. Additionally, you should also display the size of your candles on the boxes. Customers need to know the size of your Boxes For Candles Wholesalers to determine if it is the right fit for their needs.

Burning time

Including the candle’s estimated burning time on the packaging can help customers understand how long your candle will last. This way, they can plan their usage accordingly.


We know that market customers are becoming increasingly concerned about the ingredients used in their products. Hence, providing a list of ingredients for your Boxes For Candles Wholesalers can help them to trust your products and brand.

Safety instructions

The safety instructions you provide on the boxes will help customers to use and handle your candles safely. For instance, you can provide them with information about how to keep your candles away from flammable materials.  In addition to these product information details, you should also print your brand name and logo. 

Custom Sleeve & Tray Boxes For Candles Wholesalers

These boxes are also famous as a two-piece packaging solution. The tray part will hold your candle, while the sleeve slides over the tray will be a secure fit. With their flexible feature, you can customize them with any material and design. If you wish to add a touch of luxury and elegance to your candle products, Sleeve and tray candle boxes are ideal.

Custom Design Candle Boxes

You can customize these boxes with unique shapes, sizes, and materials. They are the best option to make your candles look unique. These boxes are all you need to showcase your creativity and innovation.

Custom Regular Candle Boxes

As the name suggests, regular candle boxes are a classic packaging solution for candles. They are simple, cost-effective, and can be customized with your design. These boxes are perfect to showcase your lovely Boxes For Candles Wholesalers in a straightforward packaging solution.

Custom Candle Boxes With Window

The window shapes on the boxes allow customers to see your candles before they purchase them. Of course, you can customize the windows with different shapes and sizes. Candle Boxes with windows are impeccable to showcase the color and texture of your Boxes For Candles Wholesalers.

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