BMW R 1250 R Motorcycle: Agility, Performance, and Comfort

The 2024 BMW R 1250 R motorcycle continues a century-old tradition of combining agility, performance, and comfort in a car that is equally ideal for two-up tours, daily commuting, and twisting mountain roads.

The 1,254 cc 2-cylinder air/liquid-cooled boxer engine generates 136 horsepower and 105 ft-lbs of torque while meeting EU5 emissions regulations. The BMW R 1250 R provides strong power and torque throughout the whole rpm range while still operating quietly, smoothly, and efficiently thanks to BMW ShiftCam technology, which changes intake valve timing and lift.

With every wrist twist, feel and savour the torque this boxer delivers. You can now access this sportiness, in the finest sense of the word, at your fingertips thanks to Core Screen Sport. Information such as your current and maximum lean, DTC interventions, and the brake intervention force are all displayed on the TFT display.

The BMW R 1250 R is a pure form of riding enjoyment with a traditional boxer punch. Its adaptability is the sole feature that rivals its outstanding drive system using BMW ShiftCam technology: Whether speedy and aggressive, pure and classic, or easy and laid-back: This roadster offers an unrivalled riding experience. With its engine’s 105 lb-ft of maximum torque, you can always make a strong statement. You have control over every mile thanks to its handling, so do as you please.

Since the introduction of the R 32, a 494 cc, 8.5-horsepower boxer-twin-powered BMW motorcycle, in 1923, the naked boxer roadster has been a success for the company.

Another indication of adaptability is being able to ride a strong fighter with ease and unwavering composure. Every time you fill your tank, the R 1250 R’s new Eco mode ensures that you obtain the maximum range. Your riding style’s efficiency is displayed on the TFT screen. You may quickly and easily switch to a different riding mode whenever you need to get the best performance. ABS Pro and DTC are now included in the regular Rain and Road riding modes.

The redesigned BMW R 1250 R offers unrivalled versatility thanks to its responsive handling and strong boxer engine with BMW ShiftCam technology.

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