10 Proven Ways to Market Your Yoga Classes and Get More Students

10 Proven Ways to Market Your Yoga Classes and Get More Students

Yoga first started in the U.S. in the late 1800s. Fast forward to today as of 2023, there are around 48,547 Yoga Studios in the U.S. With so many yoga studios popping up, it’s hard to stand out from the crowd. Whether you’re a pro or a newbie in the yoga business, learning ways to market your yoga classes and get more students is crucial.

Marketing is just a part of the process. Your marketing planning will attract new clients and retain the old ones. Find the answer to the Why, Who, How, and What questions. Your marketing goals, target audience, activities & tactics, and what will be the strategies to plan to implement. It’s wise to find ways to make your business stand out in compelling and aesthetically pleasing ways.

Find Your Niche

You’ll likely already have picked a niche. And it’s always a good idea to be definite. There are so many variations of yoga available in the market. Deciding on a niche will help you to market your yoga classes more effectively. Your niche will help you build all the marketing activities including – website, social media, and overall experience. With a relevant method approach, you’ll better resonate with your client. Authenticity is the key to a long-lasting and successful business.

Collaborate with Professionals

Partner events can harness the power of your yoga studio’s marketing efforts. When working on ways to market your yoga classes and get more students, partner with a fellow wellness studio and amp up your offered services. This way you can expand your audience reach. And the best news? Partnerships won’t cost you anything. It’ll be an exchange of word of mouth, a win-win for both parties.

  • Consider incentives
  • Offer to partner with local charities
  • Partner with more than one business
  • Check seasonal business partnership
  • Get it in writing

Know Your Clients

When it comes to marketing your yoga classes, defining your target audience is the best place to start. With this, you’ll be able to figure out where your clients spend most of their time, their choices, and their purchasing habits. A successful marketing plan always depends on a solid understanding of your target clientele. Knowing your clients will help you make strategic decisions in the most effective way to attract new clients.

Strengthen Your Online Presence

Thoroughly evaluate your current online presence. Think about your strengths and weaknesses. How often do you publish on social media, consistency, and what’s the roadmap that you follow? Let us assist you with a fully functioning tool to help you strengthen your online presence. Picktime is a free cloud-based appointment scheduling software tailored to serve yoga & fitness studios.

Do you feel challenged to manage all your yoga classes and administrative tasks? Not sure how appointments are getting overlapped? Is the no-show rate increasing? Fret not. Picktime has got you covered. Using Picktime you can access a separate customized booking page with a unique URL and a book now button. There are no extra installations required and you can access the platform from anywhere on any device.

  • Class Booking
  • Real-Time Slot Availability
  • 24Hrs Email Support
  • Multiple Location Access
  • Attendance & Waitlist
  • Powerful Integration
  • External Calendars (Apple/Outlook/Google)
  • Automatic Time Zone Conversion

With an endless list of features, Picktime is a high-powered tool. It will also send automatic SMS & email reminders of a booking. With its secure payment options, you can also take deposits or full payments in advance. Integrate with any – PayPal or Stripe. Not only this you can also have access to end-to-end detailed reports showing all the business activities. What are you waiting for now? Sign up now and strengthen your yoga business online presence.

Nurture Your Yoga Community

A practice of connecting with others can make you feel less isolated. Being a business leader cultivating a community will benefit your learners and help your business as a whole. Building a community takes time and ultimately increases your client reach and word of mouth. Invent a space that allows students to connect with your business and each other as well.

Get Listed

Directories are essential factors for businesses and services within a specific location. Getting listed in online directories can help you increase the visibility of your yoga classes attracting more students. In addition, it will also help amp up your online presence which will lead to more market exposure and better business branding.

Leverage Marketing Strategies

Like other options, there are several strategies available to market your yoga classes and get more students. Your proactive online activities give you a chance to showcase how your business is different. Share an authentic view of your business, to gain a loyal number of followers in your community.

  • Start with your website
  • Host special events
  • Capitalize social media marketing
  • Google My Business
  • Video marketing
  • Email marketing
  • Share meaningful content

Support a Worthwhile Cause

Learn from restaurants that work with the non-profits in the area when they have a special event. In these events, a fixed percentage of the bill goes to donations for a good cause. You can implement the same in your yoga classes. The best part? The nonprofits will market on your behalf.

Offer a VIP Reward Program

It can be based on attendance, best practices, length of membership, specific goals, or any other variables. Introduce a reward program as a VIP program. With a VIP program, you can cherish your students and make them feel more valued. Another option is to start referral programs. Encourage clients to bring in more people. 

Share Client Success Stories

Self-praise is no praise. Instead of showing off and telling your triumph stories why not utilize your existing happy clients? Many business owners end up ignoring client reviews which can be used effectively in marketing tactics. After all, everyone trusts a recommendation more than a new business in the market selling their services by themselves.

Here, you have all the ways to market your yoga classes and get more students. After the relief from the Covid pandemic, as the world returns to new normalcy yoga continues to be a popular form of exercise. From helping to reduce stress to improving health & flexibility there are a myriad of benefits offered by yoga centers.

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