The Best Women’s Sweatpants You’ll Never Want.

Sweatpants are a must-have in any wardrobe, whether you’re working from home, cuddling up for a movie night or out and about running errands. But not all of them are made equally. We combed the web for the finest of the best sweatpants for women in an effort to locate the Goldilocks of sweatpants—not too […]

The Best Bus Services for Theme Parks detail

When it comes to visiting theme parks, there are several bus services known for their convenience and reliability. Here are some of the best bus services for theme parks It’s important to check the schedules, routes, and fares of these bus services, as they may vary depending on the season and local conditions. Additionally, […]

The values of education at elc International School

elc International School was established more than 30 years ago with a dream to bring affordable international education to Malaysia. What started as a humble enterprise with only 5 students and 6 teachers including the principal herself, it has grown by leaps and bounds. Today, elc boasts of thousands of alumni who are well-established across the globe and continue to make […]

Imagining The Future Of International Schools

In thinking about what an International School of the future might look like, I’m compelled to think about what makes for any successful school? How can any of us sustain success in the face of new technologies, new routes, and pathways to education? There is a great deal of emphasis on how technology will completely alter the […]

Why is Maple Leaf Kingsley International School a popular choice for Secondary Schools in Malaysia?

Secondary school education gives young people a broader view of the world beyond their homes and communities. It helps teenagers grow socially and academically while developing lifelong skills. According to UNESCO, “Secondary  education  is  the  school  for  young  adolescents, a  very  crucial  age  where  important  knowledge,  skills,  attitudes  and values are acquired for the rest of their […]

Top 5 Reasons Cambridge IGCSE is the Best Choice for Your Child

As the global economy expands and evolves at an unprecedented rate, it’s vital for students to receive an education that equips them with skills for the future – one that encourages life-long learning and fosters an informed curiosity about the world. The Futures of Education report by UNESCO stresses the importance of a curriculum that […]

Early Childhood Education: Building a solid foundation for a better future

Early childhood refers to the period between birth and eight years of age. During this time, a child’s brain develops rapidly and their experiences have a profound influence on their learning, health, and well-being throughout their lives. According to UNESCO, early childhood education “can lay the foundation for good health and nutrition, learning and educational […]

Why this school in Subang Jaya is one of the best primary schools in Malaysia | Maple Leaf Kingsley International School

Let’s discuss primary education: Why is it important to choose the right school? In Malaysia, primary education is compulsory and offered by government-run schools and private institutions. The goal of primary education is to provide children with a well-rounded education encompassing social, moral, physical and intellectual development. It not only allows children to have a grasp of […]

A-level Education: A Quick Guide for Students and Parents

Do you want to take the next step in your academic journey? Are you keen to pursue tertiary studies abroad and apply to distinguished universities of your choice? Whether you have a clear vision of your future or are still deciding on which path to take, Maple Leaf Kingsley International School can help you make […]

Why is primary school more important in child development than most people think

Primary school education is often overlooked as an important phase of child development. The reason for this might be the focus on secondary education and higher studies. Many people think that primary education is all about reading, writing, and arithmetic. However, it is more than that. Throughout the years of a child’s life in primary schooling, […]