Ariana Grande’s Husband and Partner of Over a Year, Dalton Gomez

Ariana Grande


Ariana Grande has found her match and it’s not in the form of someone famous. The singer has been dating Dalton Gomez, a real estate agent with the Aaron Kirkman Group at the Beverly Hills branch of the luxury real estate company, Compass, for over a year now. But who is he? What do we know about him? And most importantly will they get married or have kids soon? Here are all your questions answered!

Ariana Grande’s Fiance Dalton Gomez is a “Super Chill”

Dalton Gomez, Ariana Grande’s partner of over a year and a half, is a real estate agent. He’s from Texas and has been dating the singer for over a year now. According to his Instagram page, he was born on January 1st, 1992.

In an interview with The New York Times back in October 2017 (the same month when they started dating), Ariana Grande reflected on how her relationship with Dalton helped them both through their grief following the Manchester terror attack: “It was just such a beautiful thing for me because [Dalton] was there for me in my darkest times,” she said about their first meeting.

Gomez and Grande have been Dating in Secret for Sometime

These two have been dating for over a year, and they’re still going strong. They’ve been seen together in public and at work, but they never seem to be photographed without each other. It’s not uncommon for celebrity couples to keep their relationship private but this degree of secrecy seems unusual among celebrity couples that are inseparable (such as Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson). So what gives?

Gomez is a Real Estate Agent with the Aaron Kirkman Group

Dalton is a real estate agent with the Aaron Kirkman Group at the Beverly Hills branch of the luxury real estate company, Compass. He’s also the son of Aaron Kirkman and has graduated from UCLA with a degree in economics.

Ariana Grande

Gomez Popped up on Grande’s Instagram before they were Dating

If you’re curious about how the two met, they were first introduced through mutual friends. Gomez was in a photo with Grande and her family. They also had another friend in common: Grande’s brother Frankie Grande, who directed the music video for Ariana’s “No Tears Left to Cry.”

Another interesting tidbit about their connection is that Gomez has been an Instagram fan since he joined the platform in 2015 so when he saw Ariana posting from her account on Instagram Stories one night last year (about seven months after they met), he decided to follow along and start following her as well!

The World First Learned About Gomez in the Music Video for “Stuck With U”

The world first really learned about Dalton Gomez in the music video for “Stuck With U.” The clip, which was released in early 2018 and featured Ariana Grande as a patient at a mental institution, introduced us to Dalton’s character as he tries to escape from his room. In it, he’s also seen playing guitar on the roof of the hospital with two other patients one of whom is another man named James Van Der Beek (who played Dawson Leery).

It turns out that this isn’t just some random dude who happens to be friends with Ariana Grande: He’s her husband! And not just any husband either he’s also been in several other videos alongside her over the years including one where they danced together while dressed up like animals wearing kimonos!

He was there for Grande During the Pandemic

Gomez was there for Grande during the pandemic. He helped her through it, and she has been very appreciative of his support. In fact, in a post she made on Twitter after they got married in October 2018, she wrote: “I’m so thankful that my husband Dalton is here with me today! For those who ask me how I feel about losing all of our loved ones still [in] this world it brings tears to my eyes because we have lost so many friends & family members across the globe but I know God has a plan for us all.”

Gomez and Grande’s Engagement Happened During the Pandemic

The engagement came on Valentine’s Day, 2018. In a later interview, Gomez said that he proposed to her during the pandemic and that she said yes.

The pair were in a relationship for over a year before they got engaged, but their relationship has been very private since then Gomez has been spotted with other women throughout their courtship process and hasn’t been seen publicly with Grande since they announced the wedding plans last year (though there have been rumors circulating about another one).

When they announced this news at an LA radio station earlier this year, it was met with mixed reactions from fans: some were upset; others were happy for them because their lives had changed so much during this period; still, others just wanted answers about what went wrong between them during these events!”

Ariana Grande

He may be Popular with Fans, but he isn’t Seeking Attention

Dalton is not a celebrity, and he has no interest in becoming one. He is not a social media star, either. He doesn’t model or acts or sings or play an instrument he just works in college and lives with his wife and children.

He’s also not a chef; the only food that comes out of his kitchen is for his family. And the only time he gets on stage at concerts (which have been few and far between) is when Ariana asks him to sing “My Everything” with her onstage.

Ariana Grande has Found her Match!

Ariana Grande and her boyfriend, Dalton Gomez, have been together for over a year and are now engaged. But before you start getting all excited about the possibility of seeing them walk down the aisle on national television in their next televised performance or at an awards ceremony around the world, we have some news for you: no one knows who this mystery man is yet!


The two hadn’t been seen hanging out much since April when they were spotted together at LAX airport; however, it seems as though things have changed drastically since then because after only 15 months together they’re already planning their wedding!

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